Zuoxiao Zuzhou (Brief Introdution)

Rock N' Roll MasterContemporary Artist 

 Zuoxiao Zuzhou is a Beijing-based Chinese legendary rock musician and a contemporary artist. He founded the influential indie rock band "No" in early 90's in which he played various roles as the lead vocal、guitarist、violinist and songwriter. Additionally, he is a renowned poet、novelist、record producer and film music composer. He is also the pioneer member and founder of the avant-garde artists commune "Beijing East Village". Presently, he is a very thoughtful and influential rock star in China.

 Zuoxiao Zuzhou was born in Nanjing city in Northern Jiangsu Province, China. His parents worked on a transport boat where he grew up listening to their chants and shouts at work and witnessing their positive attitude which casts a long shadow over him musically. A self-taught instrumentalist who commits himself to experimenting various music styles, exploring different approach to convey his feelings deeply inside, he ends up earning him a cult following and has influenced subsequent songwriters despite being low-profile and having little radio or MV support. Zuoxiao Zuzhou’s critically acclaimed studio albums win lavish praises from China's harshest music critics and earn him numerous awards.

    In June, 1994, he co-founded “No” with Ye Qian.

  In the fall of 1994, Zuoxiao Zuzhou, Ye Qian, Bian Ba Ping Cuo and Lu Qi recorded their first studio song called "Puzzling”, which was put out in 1995 by YinYue Chuanxu Company in Hong Kong. "Puzzling" possessed an "extremist-gloom" sound which, combined with Zuoxiao Zuzhou 's wild violin, as well as a dismembered kind of ultra-realist style, would bring "No" their first taste of fame.

    In the winter of 1995, Lao Ge recorded Zuoxiao Zuzhou, Ye Qian and Yu Wei Min's second studio song entitled "Six Flowers". Because of the strange and obscure lyrics, this song was cut from that years "Beijing Rock and Roll II".

    In 1995, Zuoxiao Zuzhou co-works with Brazilian musician Silvia Ocounge to the film director Ma Yingli's movie "Season of Miandi"

  For the next few years, Zuoxiao Zuzhou turned his full attention to engaging in a silent exploration of his own music. He focused on putting the unique wild violin style developed in his early years to use in vocal performances, creating a voice both lunatic and indifferent. It was in particular his personalized stress, soprano vocal style that stirred a vocal revolution in Chinese rock. By the end of the 90's, Zuoxiao Zuzhou had already risen from a Beijing Punk singer to a stage performance artist. From his savage "mad-violin" vocals he created a personal voice- beat, broken, sorrowful and full of beauty. It is a mixture of folk music and vanguard rock.

  In March of 1998, Zuoxiao Zuzhou produced No's first album entitled "The Missing Master" with guitarist Hu Zi, drummer Zhang Wei and bassist Li Jian. The album included songs written by Zuoxiao Zuzhou between the years 1993 and 1996.

  Vanguard musician Li Jinsong's Record company "Sonic Factory" produced this album in October of 1998. December 3rd of that same year this album was chosen as one of Music Life magazine's ten best Chinese albums of 1998. February of the next year, "The Missing Master" was also chosen by Music Heaven magazine as one of the top ten Chinese albums of '98. In March "The Missing Master" ranked third amongst Sound and Image World's ten greatest Chinese albums. In April, Bad Head record company produced "The Missing Master" in Mainland China. That same month Shang Hai Radio ranked it ninth in their "China Original Music Billboard". This album maintained its position for thirteen weeks as number three on X- music's sales billboard in the month of June. In March of 2000, "Genuine" ranked second in X-music's 1999 ten greatest singles category, No ranked amongst 99's greatest bands, and "The Missing Master" was number eight among 99's ten greatest albums.

  "The Missing Master" won the high praises of one of China's harshest music critics. Southerner Zhang Xiaozhou, in Music Heaven magazine, said of No's "The Missing Master": 

  "...it's an extremely distinctive album; naturally excavating the possibility of a fine timbre and tone from an environment lacking synthesizer, other electronic sources or even an effects machine..."

  About the song "Ah Shi Ma" Zhang says:

  " Zuoxiao Zuzhou is like a naked, transparent drunk (a Wine God?!), from start to finish emitting screams of pleasant surprise. It is a great poem of praise.... From amongst Zuoxiao Zuzhou 's final agony and filthy, morbid condition is drawn, as if sucking blood, a tragic setting sun. 'Lost Master' is a milestone event."

  Yang Bo in "Hong Kong Macao News" comments: 

  "No's music is like the wise proverb: 'a steal fist in a velvet glove'. From within the maelstrom of Zuoxiao Zuzhou 's clever surrealist and impressionist dirty words and curses struggles to the surface a pure, aesthetic poetry. Zuoxiao Zuzhou 's Jiangsu, Zhejiang pulls from the very spine of his band a heavy sense of native place -like a literary bandit of his homeland. From both a musical and cultural perspective, No explores the direction of China's rock and roll personality."

  Hu Lingyun comments on "The Missing Master" saying:

  "Resounding in wisdom, it's unusual form kindles a fire of aggressive emotion. The album's sound and consciousness will not grow stale, even for years to come."

  Yan Jun, a northern critic says:

  "(The Missing Master is) a reality invented within an absurd, nonsensical theme. Naturally overflowing, complex emotions form a unique style of expression: both standard and unusual use of mastered guitar, bass and drums."

  Tao Ran believes "The Missing Master" is:

  "An album possesses both sense and emotion. It has become a model example of experimental sound albums."

  Hao Fang in "Another Side of the Velvet Revolution" states:

  "No's pack of dogs, bowl of Gongbao diced chicken, pair of apples, electric socket and six flowers are the secret location of this age. It's a archive for the amateur historian."

  In 1999 Zuoxiao Zuzhou and the East Village artist's collaborative effort, "Add a Meter to the Nameless Mountain" entered the Venice International bi-yearly exhibition.

  After the release of "The Missing Master", Zuoxiao Zuzhou reorganized the musicians in No. Guitarist Zhu XiaoLong and keyboardist Gou Dagang of the band Tongue, English musician Kristian, bassist Li Qiang and percussionist Zhang Wei began producing the album "Trip to the Temple Fair".

  "Trip to the Temple Fair" included Zuoxiao Zuzhou 's new-phase work entitled "Bitter Ghost", as well as the result of many years of painstaking effort entitled "Can It Be That". Owing to the intensely realist, critical nature of the lyrics, four of the songs on the album could not be made public. The music was also remixed and it wasn't until January of 2000 that Bad Head records put the album on the market.

  The music critic Yan Jun wrote: 

  "Trip to the Temple Fair", compared to "The Missing Master" has more bass, more muddy effects, and more stubborn rhythm because a generation of underground elitist's who bid farewell to their own emotional expression have finally begun to shoulder their responsibility.... It also made No research new methods, traditional opera, foreign sound, the use of violin with conventional rock instruments, the use of high tones and disordered structure to develop acoustics, even surpassing the most popular electronic beats."

  Zhang Xiaozhou wrote:

  "This time Zuoxiao Zuzhou threw down his velvet gloves, punching straight at reality.... In "Father" he uses a violin, teulin (instruments created by a local musician) and kazoo together to take No's sound to its aesthetic extreme."

  The critic Sun Mengjin of Shang Hai says, 

  Whether you want to be yelled at or not, "The Missing Master" is suffering for struggle, while "Trip to the Temple Fair" is a smile for misery.... "Trip to the Temple Fair" is a trip to death, "Bitter Ghost", "To Wrong", "New Year's Eve"... the first step in a series of songs, a series of waltzes.

  X-Music Magazine's Critic Peng Hongwu comments:

  "Trip to the Temple Fair" uses a variety of pitches, and folk styles in perfect harmony. It embodies another side the old rock and roll vanguard melancholy working class emotion and open-heartedness. "Bitter Ghost" takes on the throbbing pains shouldered by the life of an entire generation. It trudges to a summit of bitter indignation... From avant-garde literature, performance art and other musical forms comes this old warrior of rock and roll- Zuoxiao Zuzhou 's wit and humor once again flows vividly, leaping out in the company of pure blood and sweat. It's far more digestible than "The Missing Master". "New Year's Eve", "Memorial Day Star" and others are smoother, kinder to the ear. The pillar of his voice branching out in an aray of musical accompaniment is the support by which this entire album is held upright.

In April of 2000, Zuoxiao Zuzhou published his first full-length novel "Barking at the Tomb". Hao Fang writes in the forward:

"Barking at the Tomb" is a novel about the despair of a generation. Historical scars, political despair, economic banter and lost spirit all rapped together calling out; helpless, dejected, dependant, indignant and crazed it is a casting out, a breaking out all of the symptoms of a generation of China's youth at the century's end.

Yanjun's afterword states:

Zuoxiao Zuzhou is not a fearless, revenge-seeking warrior on the battleground of modernism. He is merely a melancholy mad dog. While this country's artists sprinkle away life for the glory of wild imagination, he is only honor, the illegitimate child of dignity and love.

  Also in January of 2000 Zuoxiao Zuzhou created, under his own name, the album "Zuoxiao Zuzhou at Di An Men". Scream records released it in November.

    On Feb, 2001, Zuoxiao Zuzhou produced his third album" Zuoxiao Zuzhou at Di An Men", was issued on Nov. by Scream Records, China, overseas version was issued on Dec. by Hardcore Pop, Taiwan.

 In this album, he merged personal affection and social subject altogether on the height where he achieved narrative and lyrics of a condensed quality expression.

 In 2003, Zuoxiao Zuzhou 's music score for film of Zhu Wen 《South of the clouds》granted the award "The Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema" of 54th Berlin Film Festival. The renowned violinist Sheng Zhongguo has listed in the musicians.

    Jun 26, 2004, Zuoxiao Zuzhou devoted two years for reversion and issued "Trip to Temple Fair" for discontented the original version been transformed arbitrary. Hardcore Pop, Taiwan took over the new version issue. In the same year, Zuoxiao Zuzhou scored the film theme for Jia Zhangke's movie 《The world》.

    After three years of silence, Zuoxiao Zuzhou issued his third luxurious album "I Can't Sadly Sit by Your Side" in 25, May, 2005. Assembled elites from music industry, included co-producer spinfun, the legendary producer from Taiwan, female songwriter, alternative music producer of Taiwan Chen Shamni performed a duet with Zuoxiao Zuzhou, and the virtuoso guitarist, his best friend Li Yanliang played the theme song for the album. The first edition manufactured   2000 copies, per 150 RMB, marked the highest price for single item in china during the phase of depression of the industry. This move brought out a disturbance to the media at the. The album hence become the most expensive solo album in China.

    Oct 14, 2005, Zuoxiao Zuzhou performed for PRADISO "China art festival" in Amsterdam. 

20th, Jan, 2006, Zuoxiao Zuzhou and Wang Tu 's film work《LITTLE BROTHER》 plus photograph co-work with Li Wei, 《880》exhibited in Singapore visual art space

1st, April, 2006, new work for film music《The U. S.A.》, follow the former producing direction of "I Can't Sadly Sit by Your Side", was issued. It is a collection of two film music from Zu Wen 's 《South of the clouds》and Jia Zhangke 's 《The world》, a vocal music"The night in UIan Bator", and Roger Savage, producer and engineer for The Rolling Stone handled post-remix of:"Lugu love Song" . This album was one of Top 10 Chinese Records of the Year of Rolling Stones Magazine(China), and Ulan Bator Night was one of Top 15 Chinese singles of the Year of Rolling stones Magazine(China).

March 8, 2008, Zuoxiao Zuzhou released his double CD《You Know Where The East Is》. the ablum which produced from May, 2007 to Feb, 2008, was written spanning12 years. It carrys on his traditional unchangable elements such as his edgy、sarcastic、humorous lyrics of black humor which has been intensified.《Methodology》, a quotation from ex-Chinese boss Jiang Zemin's speech of 15th Congress, was arranged by Zuoxiao Zuzhou experimentally which completed a brilliant political pop art exhibition. One of two albums covers is a contemporary picture called《I Love Contemporary Also》which earns his name again in art field. As his best album ever in his own view, Critics commented on it:"If Chinese music critics still has self-respecting judgement, the truth is, no matter how many years later when we look back on this double CD ( super costly and super heavy), which still remains the most beautiful record of this time musically and humanly." This album is truly a magical and great album which brings Zuoxiao Zuzhou a number of odd social effect.

《You Know Where The East Is》is the tribute album of 2009 of Nangfang Daily's Culture Original Chart.

   Feb 28, 2009, the rerecorded 《The Missing Master-Ultimate Version》was launched at Renmin University of China where the leading figure of Chinese contemporary art Ai Weiwei signed copies for Zuoxiao Zuzhou.

Dec 12, 2009, Zuoxiao Zuzhou’s latest studio album 《Big Deal》, an album of 360 degree phase position were issued.

Dec 25, 2009,《The Missing Master-Remix Version》were issued by Taiwan-based label Noble incorporating remix version created by musicians such as Wang Fan、Hu Zi、Guo Dagang、Li Bohan、Duan Yingmei、Chen Weilun、Lei Lin、Xu Tong、B6 and DEAD J.

   Mar 19, 2010, Zuoxiao Zuzhou’s debut theatre concert was held in Beijing Century Theatre after numerous underground shows in bars and livehouses. The concert features top notches such as Ai Weiwei、Ning Hao、Meng Jinghui、Jia Zhangke、Zhu Wen and Li Yanliang behind the scenes. It turns out a major success, and the DVD will be put out soon.     

   May 25, 2010《Zuoxiao Zuzhou OST For Ai Weiwei Works No.1》was released for free.

June, 2010, in a National Public Radio (NPR) interview program, Cowboy Junkies’ Michael Timmins discribes Zuoxiao Zuzhou who collaborates with him on Cowboy Junkies’ new album as China’s Leonard Cohen.

August, 2010, Zuoxiao Zuzhou book "The sad boss" was published by the Shanghai People's Publishing House. The book includes his music career spanning more than ten years, twenty unpublished poetry, two decades of China’s rock history, tabs of seven handpicked songs.

September 2, 2010, Chinese Music Awards Ceremony was held in Guangzhou, Zuoxiao Zuzhou was awarded Best Rock Artist, and "Big Deal" was selected the top ten albums of the year.

September 3,《GQ》Magazine named him Man of the Year and Pop Artist of the Year.

December 31, Special guest, Bobby Chen’s 17th New Year's Eve concert in the Taipei International Convention Center.

April 24, 2011, Zuoxiao Zuzhou headlines the 2011 Modern Sky Zhouzhuang folk Poetry Festival.

June 26, 2011, Zuoxiao Zuzhou was named “Influential Cultural People of the Decade” by《Oriental Morning Post》.

August 20, 2011, 《Zuoxiao Zuzhou Guitar Tabs》was published by the Shanghai Educational Publishing House.

September, 2011, the art work "China’s Backbone" became the cover of Esquire Magazine.

September 11, 2011, Zuoxiao Zuzhou’s two studio albums released: 《Trip to Temple Fair II》 and 《You Know Where The Enemy Is》.

October 22, 2011, -Soundtrack Album for Gu Changwei's 《Love for Life》was nominated Golden Rooster Award for Best Film Music.

Oct. 29, 2011, headlines Xi Hu International Music Festival’s folk stage.

November 16, 2011, 《Beijing News》 “China's Most Beautiful 50 People of 2011”, and Annual Independent Music Awards of 2011.

Mid-November, selected as “100 Chinese Forces” initiated by Modern Media Co.,Ltd

December 10, 2011, honored as Best Rock Artist by Beijing Midi School.

December 11, 2011, Male Rock Singer of the year, 3rd “Chinese Rock Midi Awards”.

December 20, 2011, second time rated as “City Heroes” by 《Time Out》Magazine.

December 30, 2011, Special guest, Bobby Chen’s 18th New Year's Eve concert in the Taipei International Convention Center.

Mid-January, 2012, 《Trip to temple fair II》 was rated as No.1 of Top 10 Mandarin Albums of 2011 by Chinese Music Awards.

March 19, 2012, Zuoxiao Zuzhou’s first live 《All The Best》(DVD) was released on the second anniversary of the concert.

March 27, 2012, “Meidonghuaren” Stylish People Award, Fashion Group.

March 29, 2012, “Love Gun” won Digital Music Award of Chinese Golden Record Awards.

April 11, 2012, 《All The Best》(DVD) was the fifth of the first quarter’s Top Ten Album of the Chinese Golden Music Awards.

May 12, 2012, 《Zuoxiao Zuzhou Heads to Naizifang》and 《Love for Life》(OST) were released.

June 30, “Artist of the Year”, 12th Chinese Music Media Awards in Macau.

In late August, Zuoxiao Zuzhou won three Golden Banyan Awards of 《Southern Metropolis Entertainment Weekly》: 《Trip to temple fair II》, Best Rock Album of the Year; Love Gun, Single of the year, Music Citizenship Award, becoming the biggest winner of the Awards.

October 5, headlines Guilin Shanshui Music Festival of the day.

November 24, participated in Hong Kong Renaissance Foundation Music Festival, and it was a big success.

December 11, 《Trip to temple fair II》 won three Chinese Music Awards: Top Ten albums of the Year, Mandarin Album of the Year, Rock Artist of the Year(along with 《You Know Where The Enemy Is》)

December 30 and 31, 2012, the fourth time as Bobby Chen’s Special guest, 19th New Year's Eve concert in the Taipei International Convention Center.

January 1, 2013, 《These Tiny Grapes》 was released at the Taipei International Convention Center, Bobby Chen's New Year's Eve concert. Han Han, Li Chengpeng wrote lyrics for the album.

January 18, 20:30, 《These Tiny Grapes》release show at The One Club in Beijing were interfered by State Security and police who ordered cancelling, but through negotiations from boss of the club, the show continued through the end, but they still cut power during encore.

January 23, 《Zuoxiao Zuzhou Heads to Naizifang》 was rated as the second of Top 10 Mandarin Albums of Chinese Music Awards.

January 25, Zuoxiao Zuzhou was interviewed by NPR.

April 4, “‘China’ in Zuoxiao Zuzhou’s Music and Art” speech in University of California, Berkeley.

April 14, "Lugu love Song", A duet with singer Zhu Jing from 《Zuoxiao Zuzhou Heads to Naizifang》was awarded Best Folk Song of Top Chinese Music of 2012.

May 28, 《I Love Contemporary Also》&《Add a Meter to the Nameless Mountain》, Collateral event of the 55th International Art Exhibition- La Biennale Di Venezia.

June 19, ATTSHOWBOX’s Concert Vs Bobby Chen.

June 22, Ai Weiwei’s debut rock album 《The Divine Comedy》released. Zuoxiao Zuzhou as producer and planner.

July 1, Cover of HongKong-based City Magazine with Ai Weiwei.

August 16, Music score for 《The Ideal City》 released. (Based on a Han Han Novel, directed by Sun Bohan)

August 31, Zuoxiao Zuzhou’s novel 《Barking at the Tomb》 reissued 15 years later.

October 26, Zuoxiao Zuzhou’s works exhibited in Three Shadows Photography Art Centre.

November 10, “Creation of Zuoxiao Zuzhou’s Contemporary Art”Special

Report on Phoenix Tv’s show《Celebrity Face-to-face》.

December 4, First ever concert in Xi'an, Xi'an Concert Hall.

January 1, 2014, Bobby Chen’s Special guest, 20th New Year's Eve concert in the Taipei International Convention Center.

January, 《The Süddeutsche Zeitung》of Germany and《Tages-Anzeiger》of Switzerland cover Zuoxiao Zuzhou detailedly and comprehensively.

January, Sign with indie label Modernsky, which is the first cooperation since 1999 when the label issued 《The Missing Master》&《Trip to Temple Fair》.  

January 12, "Lugu love Song", a duet with singer Zhu Jing from 《Zuoxiao Zuzhou Heads to Naizifang》was awarded Top 10 Mandarin Songs of Chinese Music Awards of 2013, 《Zuoxiao Zuzhou Heads to Naizifang》was awarded Top 10 Mandarin Albums of Chinese Music Awards of 2013.


Studio Albums  



The Ideal City

Published by China Scientific & Cultural Audio-Video Publishing House

Distributed by Zuoxiao Zuzhou Studio


These Tiny Grapes

Published by China Scientific & Cultural Audio-Video Publishing House

Distributed by Zuoxiao Zuzhou Studio



All the Best (Live Album)

Published by China Scientific & Cultural Audio-Video Publishing House

Distributed by Zuoxiao Zuzhou Studio


Zuoxiao Zuzhou Head to Naizifang

Published by China Scientific & Cultural Audio-Video Publishing House

Distributed by Zuoxiao Zuzhou Studio


Love for Life (Soundtrack Album)

Published by China Scientific & Cultural Audio-Video Publishing House

Distributed by Zuoxiao Zuzhou Studio



Trip to temple fair II

Published by Wuhan Audio & Video Publishing Company

Distributed by Zuoxiao Zuzhou Studio


You Know The Enemy Is Over There

Published by Wuhan Audio & Video Publishing Company

Distributed by Zuoxiao Zuzhou Studio



Zuoxiao Zuzhou OST For Ai Weiwei Works No.1



The Missing Master (Remix Version)

Mainland China Distribution

Label: Zuoxiao Zuzhou Studio, Beijing


Big deal

Mainland China Distribution

Label: Zhongti Audio & Video Publishing Company, Beijing


The Missing Master (Ultimate Version)

Mainland China Distribution

Label: Zhongti Audio & Video Publishing Company, Beijing



You Know Where the East Is

Mainland China Distribution

Label: Zhongti Audio & Video Publishing Company, Beijing



The USA (Soundtrack Album)

Mainland China Distribution

Label: Beijing Film Academy Audio & Video Publishing Company


I can’t Sit Sadly by Your Side

Taiwan Distribution

Label: Music Free, Taiwan



I can’t Sit Sadly by Your Side

Mainland China Distribution

Label: Beijing Film Academy Audio & Video Publishing House



Trip to Temple Fair

Taiwan Distribution

Label: Hardcore Pop, Taiwan



Zuzhou at Di’anmen

Mainland China Distribution

Label: Jingwen, Beijing


Zuzhou at Di’anmen

Taiwan Distribution

Label: Hardcore Pop, Taiwan



Trip to Temple Fair

Mainland China Distribution

Label: Modernsky, Beijing


The Missing Master

Malaysia Distribution

Label: HuangHuo, Malaysia


The Missing Master

Mainland China Distribution

Label: Modernsky, Beijing



The Missing Master

Hong Kong Distribution

Label: Sonic Factory, Hong Kong






Label: Music Communication, Hong Kong


Film Scores



The Ideal City (Based on a Han Han Novel)



Life Is A Miracle By Gu Changwei

Very Sorry By Ai Weiwei



An Isolated Man By Ai Weiwei

Beautiful Life By Ai Weiwei

Hua Hao Yue Yuan By Ai Weiwei

San Hua By Ai Weiwei



4851--May 12 Earthquake Student Victims List By Ai Weiwei

Old Mom Pettitoes By Ai Weiwei

Turtle's Road to Homeland By Dong Wensheng



Stab Me By Liu Jian



Fairy Tale By Ai Weiwei

Tale of Stone By Dong Wensheng

Seven Sages in Bamboo Forest By Yang Fudong

Golden Week By Li Hongqi

End Credit Music for Useless By Jia Zhangke



Too Much Rice By Li Hongqi

The World By Jia Zhangke

On Darkness Does Not Exist (Play) By Zhu Xiuyang



South of Cloud By Zhu Wen

Ru Meng Ling By Jin Feng



Channel Cave By Zhou Xiaohu

Eat Drink Play Joy By Ai Dan & Ai Weiwei



Mr. Honey By Zhou Xiaohu



Beautiful Mushroom Cloud By Zhou Xiaohu



Season of Taxi By Ma Yingli


Art Events & Exhibitions



Spectacle Reconstruction –Chinese Contemporary Art,MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts,Hungary

Voice of the Unseen, Collateral event of the 55th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale Di Venezia

Walking with Pigs, Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archeology at Peking University

Individual Growth—the Momentum of Contemporary Art,Tianjin Art Museum、Shijiazhuang Art Museum

Fuck off 2, The Groninger Museum, Holland


‘Baptized - Art Under the Disaster’, CCD300 Contemporary Art and Design Center

‘Down to earth’, Contemporary Art Collection Exhibition in Guangxi, You Ming Tang Art Center of MIXC, Nanning



‘Slap’, Invitation Exhibition of Young Artists, Beijing Sanlitun four five Art Center, China

‘Red Prescription’, Huangjueping Independent Image Art Space, Chongqing

‘Elite Exhibition of Contemporary Art’, Dalian Zhongshan Museum of Art



‘Interconnected’, Three Shadows Art Documentary, Beijing Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, China

‘San Sheng Wan Wu’, Comprehensive Art Exhibition, Shanghai Zhengda Contemporary Art Exhibition Hall, China

‘Museum on Paper’, Art & Investment Magazine, Beijing, China

‘Get It Louder-Sharism’, Beijing Sanlitun Soho, Shanghai 800Show Creative Park, China

‘Transition’, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Wenzhou Seventh Art Center, China

‘Nature of China’, Contemporary Art Documentary, Suzhou True Color Museum, China

‘Arles in Beijing’, The First Annual Caochangdi PhotoSpring, China

‘The 4th China Independent Film Festival’, Institute of Drama and Film Studies, Nanjing University, China

‘Passing China’, Contemporary Chinese Photography, Gallery Sanstorium, Istanbul, Turkey.

‘3+X People And Things Around’, Contemporary Art Exhibition, China Art Archives and Warehouse, Beijing, China  

‘3+X/B Asks B Answers’, H.J.Y Contemporary Art Center, Beijing, China

‘3+X Can Be More Poetic’, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nanjing Shangdong Contemporary Art, China

‘3+X’, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archeology at Peking University, China

‘Contemporary Artist Photo Exhibition’, Today Art Gallery, Beijing, China

‘You West, Me East’, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Chengdu K Gallery, China

‘You West, Me East’, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shenzhen Art Museum, China

‘You West, Me East’, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Wuhan Art Museum, China

‘You West, Me East’, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Xi’an Art Museum, China

‘Dong Gallery New Art Show’, Dong Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing, China




New Art Revolution-Chinese Contemporary Art in Cuba, National Museum of Fine Art, Havana, Cuba

‘Yan Gerber International Arts Festival(1st)’, Yan Gerber Museum of Modern Art, Weichang County, Hebei Province, China

‘Passing By China’, Contemporary Chinese Photography, Eli Klein Fine Art Gallery, New York, U.S

‘So Sorry’, Ai Weiwei, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany

‘Polar Region Tension’, Exhibition of Artists from Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, Qisheng Gallery, Luodai Town, China

‘China Imagery, City Flag’, Xi'an Qujiang International Contemporary Art Season, China

‘Zhi Dong Da Xi’, Yuangong&Zuoxiao Zuzhou Exhibition, Shanghu Gallery, China

‘Fluid Community’, Constellations, The First Beijing 798 Biennale, China

‘Crap’, Chengdu Contemporary Art Exhibition, China

‘2nd Mary Inn Media Clippings, Art Meets Rock’ n Roll’, Yugong Yishan Club, Beijing, China

‘19 Games’, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, T. Art Center, Beijing, China

‘13 No Kaos’, Duffy Cigar Art Gallery, Kunming, Yunnan, China

Reflection’-2009 New Art World Invitation Exhibition, Wall Art Museum, The Central Academy of Arts & Design, Beijing, China

Reflection’-2009 New Art World Invitation Exhibition, West Lake Gallery, Zhejiang, China



‘Chinese Complex’, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Huamao Center, Beijing,China

Hypallage, the Post-Modern Mode Of Chinese Contemporary Art, The OCT Art & Design Gallery, Shenzhen,China

‘Maze II’, Asian Contemporary Art Center, Beijing, China

Palm Beach 3 Art Fair, Florida, U.S.

Art Basel Miami-China Art in the Beach, Florida, U.S.

‘You Know Where the East is’, Imperial City Art Museum, Beijing, China

‘Sky’ Famed Artists Gallery Show, Red Space Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing, China

‘Academy and Non-Academy’ Gallery Show, Yibo Gallery, Shanghai,China

Art Exhibition, Chongqing Art Festival

Sculpture Show, Loft, 798 Art District, Beijing China,

International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai Expo

Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing Expo,China

Art Exhibition, Yuangong Modern Art Gallery, Shanghai,China



‘A Retrospective of Unnamed Art Group’, Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art, China

Pingyao International Photography Festival, Shanxi, China

‘Convection’ Retrospective of Collections at Three Shadows Contemporary Photography Center, Beijing,China

‘I Love Contemporary Art Also’, Miao Feng Mountain, Beijing, China



 ‘Seven’ Contemporary Art Exhibition, National Museum of Singapore

‘A Retrospective of Contemporary Photography’, at Season Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing,China

‘Lianzhou International Photography Festival’, Guangdong, China

The 30th Hong Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong



‘The Amsterdam China Festival’, Amsterdam, Netherlands

‘Art Forum Berlin’, Alexander Ochs Galleries, Berlin

Art Cologne



‘What’ Art Exhibition, Shanxi Art Museum, China



‘Crusoe-Exhibition of Contemporary Art’, Post-Modern City, Beijing, China



Signboard, China Tour In Six Major Cities



Mad Dog Crying Over Graveyard, Sonic Factory, Hong Kong



48th Venice Biennale, Italy



‘Methodology’, song based on Jiang Zemin’s report on the 15th NPC ,China



‘Sound of Origin’ Behavioral Art at a Fly-over, Dongbianmen, Beijing

‘Add One Meter to Unnamed Mountain’, Behavioral Art, Miao Feng Mountain, Beijing

‘New Year’s Voice’, Maxim’s Restaurant at Chongwenmen, Beijing



Founded the avant-garde artists commune ‘East Village’ of Beijing, as one of the masterminds